Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This is a newly created blog in which I will write about my experiences as an American living in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

I am still setting the blog up so if it looks a bit underdeveloped, that is because it is.

I am a retired U. S. Navy Chief Petty Officer who is currently employed by Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. I work on maintenance projects on the USS George Washington in Yokosuka and plan on taking every Yokosuka assignment that the Shipyard will allow me. As I result, I hope to be living here 6 or 7 months of every year.

Many may know of my other blog - Photios - in which I wrote of political and social issues. I do not intend to discuss anything political here (too much). I want to write about my favorite restaurants, bars, karaoke places, people, language (as I struggle hopelessly to learn Japanese), etc.

That is all for now. This introduction may be modified or extended as I set up this blog.



Masatoshi John said...

Dear Mr. Burkland,

Christ is Risen!

I am sorry that I was not able to see you and your wife when you visited our small Orthodox Christian parish in Yokohama. I found your name from visitors'-note of Yokohama.

Do you or your wife remember late sub-deacon Cyril Inoue of Yokohama?
He was a good friend of mine and I heard about you from him.

Are you still living in Yokosuka?
If you are, please visit us again.
Now, we have a new priest who can speak Greek and English in addition to Japanese and we have the Divine Liturgy twice in a month. In this month, actually the second Liturgy will be in this coming Sunday (16th April)

Hope to see you soon!

In Risen Lord,

John M. Shoji

Photios said...

Indeed He is risen!

Sadly, I never met or communicated with sub-deacon Cyril. My wife, Sophia, communicated with him regularly on the internet and remembers him well.

I will be in Yokosuka for a few more weeks before returning to the US.

I am very interested in returning to visit your beautiful parish in Yokohama.

Please contact me via email - see my profile.

Yours in Christ,