Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blue in Green

No, I am not writing about the beautiful tune "Blue in Green" by Bill Evans and most famously performed by Miles Davis' sextet, I am writing about a jazz bar and antique shop in Yokosuka named for that tune.
Blue in Green is a jazz bar and antique shop in Yokosuka that features live jazz performances every Saturday night. This is a very laid back place owned and operated by Yoshiaki Hayashi, himself a jazz guitarist. He doesn't play publicly, but once in a while you can catch him practicing when you walk in.
When you walk in on any given night (except Saturday) you are likely to be the only person there except for Yoshi himself. He will have jazz music playing on a very fine sounding audio system run through iTunes on his Mac laptop. He maintains a full bar including some very high quality beers and whiskeys. This is the only place in town where you can find American microbrews such as Red Hook, Sierra Nevada, Samuel Adams, Alaskan or Stone Brewing Company products and the whole line (it seems) of Anchor Steam products and others as well. Easily the best place to drink beer in Yokosuka. It is the only place that I know where you can get a nice hoppy (my wife would say "stinky") IPA. He also serves food and coffee - starting with the grinding of the beans when you order. The place has a New York jazz club feel and the food is American in a New York style.
It is a small place, as most in Japan are, with a warm ambience and not brightly lit. A very comfortable place to eat and drink.
It is also a very comfortable place to shop for antique guitars and other items (see his web site linked above). I think that this must be Yoshi's main business, because as often as I see the place empty, it cannot be the bar business (although it is my favorite bar).
Go hear some jazz, get a bite to eat, and have a great beer. And visit Yoshi - one of the nicest guys in the world.
Oh, and here is the tune - Blue in Green performed by Miles Davis' sextet.


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