Monday, July 4, 2011


As you may have noticed, I have made a few changes here.

One of the reasons that I like Blogger is that, in addition to the programed editing functions (which make it really easy), I can get into the HTML directly and make adjustments there. I have already done this a few times for font and color changes.

All of the photos that I use are edited down from the original size to a width of 640 pixels. That is still larger than the display size. I decided that I wanted you to be able to see larger pictures without having to reopen them in another window or tab. So, I adjusted a few block widths. After that the blogging team (me) went through all of the previous posts and selected "X-Large" in the editing options. If you open the image in another window or tab you can see the 640 pixel wide version. In time I will get most of these in their full size, unedited version in my gallery here. That work is ongoing. I hope that you enjoy the result.

Here is another picture.

This is in the Arrival area in the South Terminal in Terminal 1 at Narita Airport next to a snack stand.

UPDATE: Apple iCloud no longer supports the Photo Gallery, sadly.


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