Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Favorite Izakaya; Sakato-ya 坂戸屋

It occurred to me that I did not provide directions to Sakato-ya, so another post would be in order. Plus, I just wanted to post more pictures of my favorite place.

At the end of every year, Shie-chan closes the izakaya for a week. After the New Year holiday she reopens. To celebrate the reopening she wears fine kimonos for the first three days. Here are some pictures from the first week in January, 2011.

My friend Emoto-san tried to get me in trouble with the next photo, but since Shie-chan is a close friend of both my wife and me, it didn't work.

Shie-chan and I - Photo taken by Emoto-san trying to get me in trouble.

As I wrote in my earlier post, she always serves food of the highest quality and the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

The map:

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It is in Wakamatsu-cho, the third door down from the 7-11; to the right (southeast) in the image above. Look for the name Sakato-ya in Japanese - 坂戸屋

The street view:

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More pictures (taken at other times);

Me with some of my friends.

One of the many cool things about izakayas is that you can buy a bottle of your favorite drink and drink what you want, leaving the bottle on the bar until you return. When you return, you just grab your bottle and have a drink. Of course the price is 30% to 100% more than you would pay in a store, but that is not the point. You may identify your bottle by writing your name on it with a paint pen, or by hanging some "bling" on it.

My bottle is the one with Linus on the top.

One more thing, she saved two beautiful pomeranians from certain death by adopting them. They were orphaned from their owners as a result of the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power facility and now live with her. The dog's owners were relocated to emergency housing, but were not permitted to take their dogs. The dogs were put up for adoption, and Shie-chan adopted them.

This is Rachel...

My friend Ina-san with Rachel

and this is Bera (I know, I have trouble telling them apart too);

My friend Imori-san with Bera


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